Excuses Don't Solve Problems

If I had to attribute the shortcomings in my training program to one factor, it would be my travel schedule. When traveling the excuses are innumerable: fatigue, the work that needs to get done, the need to get up at 5AM for a 7AM on-site, the lack of a hotel gym, etc.

In reality, none of these excuses apply. They are merely mental games. As my mom once said, "excuses don't solve problems." And now, with the Crossfit Games Qualifiers quickly approaching, my problems include chest-to-bar pull-ups, met con endurance and running endurance. These issues are not going to be solved by enabling mental excuses creep into my mind.

When excuses rear their ugly head, it is a blaring signal indicating that I need to train because someone else is out there training harder than I am. Furthermore, once I give in, I've diminished the mental toughness required to perform in the Crossfit Games Qualifers (or any Crossfit WOD for that matter).

Today I did a modified Tabata workout from the Potomac Crossfit program. A Tabata workout (named after the Japanese scientist who discovered the protocol's effectiveness) is eight rounds of 20 seconds of max effort followed by 10 seconds rest. Typically, a Crossfit Tabata WOD groups four exercises together for 16 minutes (or 32 20/10 intervals) of pain. Once can also perform a single Tabata to improve endurance or performance on single movement such as pull-ups or push-ups.

This type workout is timely because it can be applied to just about any movement and can be done anywhere. Thus, it's perfect for road warriors. And, perfect for overcoming excuses.

Knees to Elbows - 49

Squats - 159
30 lb Dumbbell Squat Clean - 60
(using one dumbbell to simulate to the Medball clean)
Burpees - 48

316 total