Back in Effect

Been MIA at the box lately (and on my blog for that matter since my first post), but I showed up for the 9am park WOD on Sunday only to get thoroughly embarrassed on the 400m repeats. That wake-up call in addition to the ass-whooping I received at Day 2 Mid-Atlantic Crossfit Games Qualifier should has equated to some new found motivation. Plus, let's be honest... I need to look at the pool in Vegas in about a month.

Today I worked out from the Westin Pasadena in Pasadena, CA. I was going to check out Crossfit Monrovia, but I thought I’d do some skill work and make up a WOD of my own. Fortunately, Westin gyms (or Westin Workouts) are as fairly well-equipped as most hotel gyms come. Amidst a sea of nautilus equipment, beached on outskirts of the workout room I found dumbells, and pull-up bar and the requsite cardio equipment. A treadmill would suit me just fine.

Skill Work:
2 Rounds: Max Rep Dead Hang PUs: 12,7
2 Reps of ~30-40 sec negative pull-ups
2 Rounds of 10 Pistols (to work on some lingering muscle imbalance issues in my left leg)

.25 mile treadmill run at 1.5 incline
21 50 lb DB SDHP
21 50 lb DB Push Press
.25 mile treadmill run at 1.5 incline
15 50 lb DB SDHP
15 50 lb DB Push Press
.25 mile treadmill run at 1.5 incline
9 50 lb DB SDHP
9 50 lb DB Push Press


Will be back at the box this Friday/Weekend.