Day 2 in the Zone

So I know it's probably too early to tout any gains, but today I've definitely more alert and vibrant. As for hunger, I felt full all-day with the exception of my post-WOD dinner.

Today's WOD was four rounds:

400m run
50 BW squats.

11:36 as rx'd

Nutrition (P/C/F)

Breakfast - Eggs/Bacon/Cherries/Whole Milk (4/4/13)

Lunch - Turkey/Cherries/Blueberries/Almonds (4/4/4)

Pre-WOD Snack - Egg/Milk/Protein Powder/Orange (2/2/2)

Dinner - Turkey/Cherries/Almonds/Almonds (4/4/4)

Snack - Whole Milk/Protein Powder (2.5/1/5)

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