Superfit Games and New Priorities

3 Rounds:

50 double unders
20 32" box jumps
50 double unders
5 111# snatches


The winner at Saturday's Superfit games finished at 10:16, more than three minutes faster than my performance today. However, the good news is that guy who finished in 4th place finished this WOD in 14:14. Granted, Saturday times were after made after three WODs, but to know that I am in the range of other top performers is a well-timed confidence boost after DNFing the burpee-thruster-HSPU WOD on Saturday.

After being knocked out by default I had a lot of time on my hands which allowed me to determine the five priorities that I must work on during games prep:

Body weight movements (i.e., burpees, K2Es).

While I am behind the 8-ball when it comes to preparation, a little work will put me in a better spot to compete once the sectionals arrive in late March.

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