Deadlifts & Annie

Deadlift 1x5 @ 353#

Double Unders


CF Cville is experimenting with a starting strength cycle. This a programming methodology made famous by one of the crossfit coaching "deities", Mark Rippetoe (Although, apparently he has left CFHQ. I'm not sure if this departure has anything to do the the recent controversy regarding Rob Wolf and Greg Everett, two other former crossfit deities. But, I don't have time to research this.)  This program focuses on barbell lifts to (as the name suggests) start develop adequate baseline strength.  This explains the successive days of heavy lifts.

Interestingly, the cycle leads right up the the crossfit games sectionals scheduled for late March. That said, it is still a must that incorporate some additional metabolic conditioning in preparation. The squats, deadlifts and power clean will undoubtedly be good to improve my form and strength, however, the lack of attention to my weaknesses does give me pause.  

Regarding the deadlifts, I should have gone heavier because the last rep was not too much of a struggle.  However, I was able to push myself in Annie to reach a PR time of 7:12 (versus a previous time of 7:40 on 8/28/09).  I did the DU's barefoot so that the pain of the rope hitting my toes would be negative reinforcement to get me to jump higher. I only broke DU's twice and sit-ups once.  

Tomorrow will be a metcon day (reserved for Wednesdays and Saturdays at CF Cviille). It will be a nice break after my human behavior exam and before cracking down for the Friday's Neuroanatomy/Neuroscience exam.

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