Karen and Interval Rows

150 20# wall balls at 10" foot target


C2 Rower
40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 5 rounds. All out Efforts.

941 meters

Today's prescribed WOD was short, but a good for gauging intensity. During Karen I tried to minimize any rest by counting 5 seconds aloud and then returning to work. I find this helpful because once one is in a hypoxic state, the brain tells you to rest until you can return to work comfortably. By counting aloud, it gives you a set rest and then forces you to return to work even in the midst of discomfort. Ideally, over time one will be able to lengthen the amount of time between these rest intervals. For today, I am pleased with my intensity.

I followed this workout with the prescribed crossfit endurance WOD. Again, it was short, but a good test of mental and physical endurance.


  1. Good to see you are posting again but let's try to be a little more consistent this time?